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The 10 Best
Love Offering
of all times

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Pearls in Wine:
Cleopatra dropped two pearls of fantastic value into her wine, and drank the concoction to the health of Mark Anthony. In return, he presented her with Cyprus, Phoenicia, Coele-Syria, and parts of Arabia.
The Taj Mahal:
Built by Shah Jahan, Emperor of the Monguls, by 20,00 workers over 15 years in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to their 14th child in 1631.
A bicycle:
'Diamond' Jim Brady presented actress Lillian Brady with a bicycle, gold-plated with mother-of-pearl handlebars, and diamond-encrusted spokes, worth $10,000.
A 69.42 carat diamond:
The $1,050,000 gem was purchased by Richard Burton for Elizebeth Taylor.
Skorpios Island:
When Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy were married in October 1968 on the island of Skorpios, he gave her the island as a wedding present.
His soul:
Dr Faust contracted to give his soul to Mephistopheles for the love of Margaret, the village maiden.
Red Roses:
Joe DiMaggio has fresh roses delivered three times a week to the resting place of Marilyn Monroe.
Mother's Day:
The US Congress gave official recognition to Mother's Day in 1914 after persistent proposals from Miss Anna Jarvis in commemoration of her own mother, signified by the wearing of a white carnation on the second Sunday in May.
Shakespeare's Sonnets:
The 154 of the best love offerings of all time, but it is not known for whom they were written.
Suleiman the Magnifient, ruler of the Otterman empire, married the enslaved Roxelena whom he had freed as a love offering.


Drawing by Peter Kerns of Switzerland, an entry from CorelDraw's $1,000,000 World Design Contest 1992.