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The top 12 kisses
of all time

1 At the Minnesota Rennaissance Festival on 15 September 1990, Alfred Wolfram from New Brighton, kissed 8001 people in 8 hours - over sixteen people a minute.
2 Bobbi Sherlock and Ray Blazina smooched for 130 hours and 2 minutes between 1-6 May 1978.
3 In the classic 17th century fairy story Sleeping Beauty, Prince charming awakens the sleeping princess with a kiss.
4 In 1886, Frenchman François Auguste Rodin, inspired by Dante, sculpted The Kiss, one of the most romantic pieces in the Western World.
5 John C Rice kissed May Irwin in 1896, and became the first couple to be recorded kissing in the film called The Kiss.
6 Thirty years later in 1926, the eponymous hero of the film Don Juan averages one kiss every 53 seconds (191 kisses in total) with a variety of senoritas.
7 Still in cinematrography, the longest kiss in films history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film, You're in the Army Now. The kiss lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds, or 1/25th of the total running time.
8 Tradition has it that any woman who kisses the armour-clad statue of the 16th century Italian soldier Guidarello Guidarelli, would marry and settle down with a wonderful gentleman. It is estimated that over 5 million woman have done so.
9 According to legend, any person who kisses the Blarney Stoney in the 15th century Blarney Castle in Cork, will be endowed with the gift of eloquence and persuasive flattery.
10 Robert Herrick has been dubbed the "Kissing Poet." For instance his "Hesperides", 1648, is replete with kisses and kissing.
11 Kisses lasting minutes are unusual, kisses lasting hours quite remarkable. There is a type of kiss called "maraichinage" - after the Maraichins or inhabitants of the district Pays de Mont in the Vendee (Britanny) which quite literally lasts for hours.
12 Many fish appear to take pleasure in kissing: this is particularly the case with "ornamental" fish. One particular type of labyrinth fish is known as the "kissing gurami" In this species the enthusiasm for the kiss is such that one such act may last as much as twenty-five minutes.

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